The Wet Plate Collodion Photographic Process

This photographic process was invented in the mid-1800's.

Today a select few photographers skilled in the art of the collodion process are returning to it to attain the handcrafted, striking individuality of its images.

After acquiring the raw chemical elements used in this process, I prepare a film emulsion following a slightly modified recipe from 1856.

The first step is to meticulously clean a sheet of glass. Then I apply a coating of my special film emulsion by hand. This coated glass plate is then immersed in a solution of silver, which sensitizes the glass plate to light.

The film/plate can be as large as 11x14 inches and is loaded into a film holder in preparation of exposure. After the film/plate is exposed in one of my cameras (pictured at right), the image is processed instantaneously, while you watch!

Prices start at $75.00 (4x5 inch "Head & Shoulders" Portrait).

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